Russian deputies offer death penalty alternative

Russian deputies offer death penalty alternative

Russian deputies offer death penalty alternative
For the moment, in accordance with the moratorium on the use of the death penalty in our country, the death penalty is being replaced by the life imprisonment.

LDPR deputies felt that this punishment was too lenient and proposed their own solution to the problem.

It follows from the draft law that the death penalty should still be replaced with the life sentence, but it must be held in solitary confinement. The authors of the initiative believe that life imprisonment is not a severe enough penalty for commited crime, and solitary confinement would be a more effective measure. This idea will supposedly serve the good of restoring justice, separating those sentenced to death penalty from prisoners with whole-life orders. 

The government has already left its review on the bill - deputies do not support it, partly because its implementation will require a large amount of budget money necessary for the construction of new prisons with more stringent conditions. 
The last death penalty in Russia took place on August 2, 1996 the serial killer and pedophile Sergei Golovkin was executed. However, according to some reports, the last death sentence was carried out on September 2, 1996. We cannot but mention the fact that according to recent polls in the Russian Federation the number of citizens supporting capital punishment has increased in 2019, from 44 to 49%.


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