On January 9, the Chelyabinsk arbitration court received a claim for bankruptcy of the Rudnik company, which is a subsidiary of the Bakalsky Ore Management (BRU is a structure of the Ural NPRO holding). The initiative of the insolvency process was initiated by employees of the regional interdistrict inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 18. According to the statement, the organization owed the state 69.7 million rubles.

BRU is the cityforming company of the city of Bakal. The organization has been in a difficult financial situation for a year. A third of the employees (about 300 people) actually do not work. According to the company's trade union, they receive about 60% of the usual salary (about 27 thousand rubles).

The company's "daughter", LLC "Rudnik", has been generating losses since 2020. In 2021, having received revenue of 243.5 million, the organization managed to reduce its net loss to 1.3 million (a year earlier it was about 3 million).

The attempt of the tax authorities to recognize the "Mine" bankrupt is not the first in the history of the company. Since 2015, there have been about a dozen of them. The last few lawsuits were filed in 2021. However, the amounts of claims for them (from 1.4 million to 21.2 million) were noticeably lower than the new statement. None of the lawsuits ever reached the recognition of the company as insolvent, since the debts were repaid.

The parent company of Rudnik is also at risk of becoming bankrupt. Several dozen bankruptcy lawsuits have been filed against BRU. Some of them were rejected by the arbitration, the judges are still considering the other part. The reason for the financial problems of both organizations located at the same address, experts call the state of affairs in the industry.

The "mine" has existed in Bakala since 2012. The company is engaged in the extraction and enrichment of iron ore, the demand for which has fallen, and prices have decreased. In 2022, there was a sharp increase in prices for consumables and spare parts. At the same time, managers say that there are no plans to dismiss employees.

The company itself hopes for help from the state. Its city-forming company should be assisted by the regional Ministry of Industry. Officials promised to find buyers for "BRU" products. The probability of recognition of the "Mine" as insolvent is estimated by experts as quite high. If this happens, the founder ("BRU") and its director may be held vicariously liable.