On April 12, 2024, the Bashkiria Arbitration Court published the full text of the decision rendered on the claim of the Bitumen company against the republic's major road contractor Bashkiravtodor. The firm demanded more than 1 billion in the lawsuit (case no. A07-863/2024). The defendant, agreeing with the debt, claimed an error in calculations and the need to reduce the amount of the penalty. As a result, the court recovered 965 million rubles from the company.

The basis for the claims were contracts concluded between the organizations in 2022-2023. Under the contract dated September 2, 2022, the road contractor owed more than 80 million of the principal debt. Another contract, signed on September 19, 2022, assumed the payment of more than 740 million rubles. Another deal, dated September 30, 2022, was concluded for almost $62 million. In October 2023, the firms signed a fourth contract for 1.18 million.

As a result, the court recovered 885 million of the principal debt, adding about 80 million as a penalty. During the trial, it turned out that Bashkiravtodor managed to pay only 72.6 million to the plaintiff under four contracts. The obligations, which assumed settlements within 30 days, turned out to be overdue for many months. The plaintiff's mistake was only in the incorrect application of the regulator's key rate (the company took the current rate of 16% as the basis, and not the 8.5% that was in effect during the conclusion of the contract).

But whether Bitumen LLC will be able to get its money is a big question. Experts interviewed by Kommersant doubt this, given the previously initiated bankruptcy case of Bashkiravtodor (No. A07-3960/2024). It was initiated in February 2024 by the Construction Management-5 company, demanding 12 million from the defendant.

An insolvency hearing is scheduled for May. However, several companies have already submitted their applications to join the business as creditors. For example, the company "Aquamak-processing" demands to collect about 270 million rubles from Bashkiravtodor for the supply of bitumen. The list of creditors may include the companies Skolkhimprom, Dalresursy, RV-Tariff and the Baymak Foundry and Mechanical Plant.

In October 2023, Rusbankrot already wrote about the possible bankruptcy of the largest contractor for the repair of Bashkir highways. Prior to that, the company, which is owned by the Republican Ministry of Land and Property Relations, was threatened with insolvency by collector Alexander Shcherbakov. This became known in January 2023.

According to data for 2023, Bashkiravtodor signed 209 government contracts worth 9.3 billion rubles. At the same time, the company owes over 825 million in executive production alone. The company's losses for the year increased to 4.1 billion (in 2022, their amount was 1.4 billion). Since November 2023, the head of the company, Ildar Yulanov, has been involved in a case of major fraud.