The Moscow arbitration court recognized the bankruptcy of the PickPoint pickup network. The "Network of automated pick-up points" (this is the official name of the legal entity that operated the delivery service) had about 6 thousand terminals and issued orders at 4.5 thousand pick-up points throughout Russia. The company's services were used by residents of 657 localities in the country.

In April 2024, Rusbankrot reported that the company itself had published a message on Fedresource about plans to start a bankruptcy process. At that time, Kupishuz, Yekaterinburg Yabloko and Yesolutions were among the possible creditors. Later, an insolvency claim was filed with arbitration (case no. A40-90234/2023).

Experts estimated PickPoint's losses in 2021 at 234 million. However, by the end of 2022, the company faced even more serious problems that did not allow it to meet the requirements of customers and contractors. Revenue in 2022 also decreased to 2.3 billion (a decrease of 34.8% compared to 2021).

One of the major lawsuits against the organization was a lawsuit initiated by Kupishuz LLC ("La Moda"). The retailer has filed claims against the organization in the amount of over 260 million. The hearing of the case (No. A40-237413/22), which Rusbankrot informed about, ended at the end of June 2023 with full satisfaction of the plaintiff's claims.

By September 2023, it became clear that the total debt of the organization exceeded 2.6 billion. According to the information published by the publication, the company owes more than 1 billion to Sberbank, about 218 million to Sovcombank.

Experts call problems caused by the financial relationship of the delivery service with Western investors one of the possible reasons for PickPoint's bankruptcy. The company already in February 2023 reported on the restrictions imposed on the return of goods, and by the beginning of April it had completely stopped working.

Experts believe that in the conditions of declaring a company bankrupt, the owners of the organization may be held accountable. But among the shareholders is one of the structures of the French postal service (Group La Poste). It will be problematic to attract a co-owner of the service from an unfriendly state.